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The Boston Computing Review was founded to allow like-minded technology enthusiasts in the Boston area dig into a variety of technical topics. Members share and educate each other about technologies like Linux, Databases, Development Tools, Business Models, Open Source Software, our industry’s future, jobs and more.

Facebook Application Development Workshop
Promotional Excerpt – “Join us for an awesome workshop on Facebook application development. We will cover the basics of the platform, dig deeper to learn about the APIs and other nuts and bolts, develop an application together and provide take home code so that you can get started with you own application development. For the meeting we will be using PHP and MySQL for development, but knowing either is optional…”

Alfresco Content Management and Collaboration Platform
Promotional Excerpt – “Get ready to collaborate and build content with Alfresco! Jarrett Sloan of the Boston Computing Review will walk us through the fundamentals of Alfresco – from installation to configuration and use. Alfresco is the leading open source enterprise content management system built by the industry experts drawn from Documentum, Vignette and Interwoven. Some people have labeled it a respectable Sharepoint competitor.”

Joomla Content Management and Development Basics
Promotional Excerpt – “Join us to learn the fundamentals of the Joomla content management system (CMS) ( The Joomla CMS is designed to let non-technical users create extensive, professional web sites. We will examine it from both a pure WYSIWYG content management / out of box configuration standpoint, as well as what is needed for some basic development on top of the platform and how the platform can be extended with a wide range of add-ons…”

Self Publishing – Blogging Platform Extravaganza
Promotional Excerpt – “Join us to take a look at the nuts and bolts of blogging platforms that have changed the way in which individuals publish to the world…”

Business Process Management
Promotional Excerpt – “BPM tools are quickly becoming some of the most important assets to IT organizations looking to fulfill business needs in an expedient, agile manner replacing hard wired process driven applic…”

Exploring the Semantic Web
Promotional Excerpt – “The web has proliferated at an unprecedented rate since its founding in the early 90’s. Since that period, the web has progressed from a simple network of servers housing static content into a global network that supports highly complex e-commerce interactions. Today the buzzward is web 2.0, but the opportunity…”

Propellerhead Knowledge Share / Tech News
Promotional Excerpt – “Get ready to share! Is there a software application or gadget that has been really been outstanding that you would like to chat about? Let’s discuss!”

Java Server Pages and Beyond!
Promotional Excerpt – “Get the espresso flowing, it is time for some more development! If you are looking for a good introduction to practical JSP development look no further…”

Ruby on Rails, an Introduction
Promotional Excerpt – “Be ready to learn about Ruby on Rails as I share some great sample materials and talk about what it takes to get online with that technology. In addition I am looking forward to chatting about the latest and greatest in tech news…”

Hamachi, RSS, Time shifting and News
Promotional Excerpt – “Here are the topics that I have gathered for our next meetup: 1. Hamachi – Is this the ultimate in free, easy to use VPN technology? Stay on your own personal network anywhere in the world! 2. RSS – Is anyone really leveraging RSS? Does anyone have any recommended feeds on interesting topics? 3. Time shifting – Not a purely technical topic, but very interesting nonetheless. How can we get more time from our days? 4. News – The latest and greatest happenings in the tech world….

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