Web Experience Management – Segmentation & Targeting

In a continuation of the What is Middleware Series, we follow the journey of Mr and Mrs Smith throughout the neighboring towns of Middleware Fields and Codeaway Valley to understand which has the best amusement park to provide a great experience for their grandchildren’s upcoming holiday. As the Smiths interact with community center visitor’s staff at each town, they end up with significantly different experiences, ultimately leading to a superior experience with one town, though both offer extremely similar services.

Key Takeaways
As people interact with our brands online – their perception is reality. Engaging site visitors in context of their needs goes a long way to helping visitors develop higher levels of affinity for a brand’s products or services, ideally resulting in an online or offline transaction. Web Experience Management capabilities allow us to do this by Segmenting visitors in order to Target relevant information to them.

  • Implicit personalization allows us to segment our visitors on the basis of a user’s behavior and allows web sites to then present the most relevant user experience through targeting
  • Explicit personalization allows us to segment our visitors using what we “know” about a user on the basis of their past transactions, visitor history, demographics and other factors to tailor the user experience through targeting
  • Personalization is achieved through segmentation and targeting, providing an opportunity to increase “conversion” levels of site visitors, resulting in a deeper relationship and or purchase of good or services

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