What is Middleware? User Experience and Portal

In this episode of What is Middleware, we explore how the residents of our fictional communities, Codeaway Valley and Middleware Fields, go about their days running errands and the differences in how they go about them.

Codeaway Valley residents spend an enormous amount of time racing around their town to perform everyday tasks, while the residents of Middleware Fields have the luxury of spending their days relaxing within private libraries that provide them with information and services relevant to them and brought directly to them by a concierge acting on their behalf.

User Experience and Portal capabilities allow us to have a similar experience within our enterprises. They supply a centralized point of access to supply end users with information and services, tailored based on their role.

Key Takeaways

  • User Experience and Portal capabilities increase end user efficiency by delivering relevant information to end users
  • The platform provides a common approach for development and management of the resources that are presented to the end users

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