What is Middleware – Service Oriented Architecture Explained

In this episode of What is Middlware we revisit our town of Middleware Fields from our What is an Application Server segment. Being the eco-conscious community that they are, they have implemented a commuting program – but run into some challenges and create a transit pass to solve their issues.

How is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) like a transit pass? Check out the video below to understand how SOA can help enterprise applications communicate more effectively with each other.

Like many other Middleware capabilities, SOA technologies – like a Service Bus – run within an Application Server, as we described in our prior episode.

Key Takeaways

  • SOA capabilities help systems to communicate through a standardized approach
  • Systems can be added or replaced without having to rewire existing connections between systems
  • Reduction in IT complexity and knowledge needed to connect systems
  • Increase in business ability to use information and systems more rapidly to respond to market needs

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