What is Middleware? Identity and Access Management

In this episode of What is Middleware, we examine how Middleware Fields has been able to increase efficiency, reduce frustrations and ensure compliance within their community, by moving to a keycard access system across their community – opposed to using traditional locks and keys.

Our analogy highlights how organizations can benefit from using Identity and Access Management to enable their businesses to better manage and utilize access to their applications and resources.

Key Takeaways

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) capabilities provide organizations a centralized place to provision users
  • Users gain access to applications and functionality within them through Roles and these requests benefit from workflow to ensure verification of their access
  • Self service capabilities enable users to perform common functions like password resets – without taking time from IT and help desks
  • Reports are available to instantly understand what people have access to what systems for compliance reasons

In our next episode, we will address User Experience capabilities that expose business functionality specific to a user’s role within an organization.

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