WebCenter Cafe Podcast Set 2 – Self-Service Extranets, Intranet Redesigns & Embracing Cloud

In the second series of WebCenter Cafe Podcasts, we deep dive into strategies around developing self-service extranets, redesigning an intranet for maximum value and various aspects of cloud computing and what they may mean to your organization.

Head over to the WebCenter Cafe Podcast Oracle.com page to gain insight into the following areas.

Self-Service Extranets

  • Considerations when starting an Extranet project
  • Meeting user expectations with extranets
  • Getting bigger ROI from a typical Extranet project
  • Considerations for backend system integration for Extranets
  • Maximizing value from an existing Extranet

Intranet Redesigns

  • How not to swallow the ocean
  • Guidelines to incrementally work toward the vision
  • Investing in house cleaning
  • Mastering delegation and roles
  • Effective personalization with minimal effort

Embracing the Cloud

  • Considerations for leveraging Cloud
  • Understanding key characteristics of Cloud
  • Review of different types of Clouds
  • Integration, security, SLAs and Cloud project considerations
  • Non-technical considerations around Cloud

Listen at the WebCenter Cafe Podcast page on Oracle.com.

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