Oracle Social Business Thought Leader Webcast Series

In a recent webcast from Oracle’s Social Business Thought Leaders webcast series I shared some unique considerations around adoption of collaborative technologies within the enterprise.

Through an examination of atypical subject matter, anecdotes and industry statistics in Six Counterintuitive Practices for Social Collaboration, I hope to provide new tools to critically evaluate and shape your social collaboration experiences to get the most value from your investment in supporting technologies.

Some of the highlights include

  • Throw Out Your Intranet Home Page
  • Why 5 Users are Better than 5000
  • Constructs are More Important than Product Features

You can view the webcast here.

Posts will follow in the coming weeks that will elaborate on each of the above items with in-depth customer examples, supplemental to what is reviewed within the web cast.

I look forward to comments and feedback and hope that the materials and thought provoking and enable you to gain greater value from your investments.

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