Three Key Tenets of Optimal Social Collaboration White Paper

In a guest post on Oracle’s WebCenter Blog I had the opportunity to share thoughts around optimal use of social collaboration technologies.

The full exploration of three key tenets is covered in an accompanying white paper entitled, “Three Key Tenets of Optimal Social Collaboration white paper”.

Read the white paper

“Effective social collaboration is actionable, deeply contextual and inherently derives its value from business entities outside of itself.
How does an organization begin the journey from traditional, siloed collaboration to natural, business entity based social collaboration?
Successful enablement of enterprise social collaboration requires that organizations embrace the following tenets and understand that traditional collaborative functionality has inherent limits – it is innovation and integration in accordance with the following tenets that will provide net-new efficiency benefits.”

The following tenets and an organization’s respective maturity around each will indicate how much additional value may be possible to unlock with their collaborative solutions.

  1. Leverage a Ubiquitous Social Fabric
  2. Supply Continuous Context to Support Decision Making and Problem Solving
  3. Extend the Collaborative Lifecycle into Back Office

Read the Three Key Tenets of Optimal Social Collaboration white paper

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