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Best Practices for Site Studio for External Applications
“Content will always exist within enterprise applications, customer extranets, and partner portals. Historically, these applications have been developed in a manner that severely limits business’s ability to manage this content, forcing content adjustments to occur only during product releases. This limitation impacts an organization’s ability to quickly respond to market conditions and places a burden on development staff to hard-wire content into pages during development.”
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June 2010: Best Practices for Going Mobile
“Mobile is a hot topic. Regardless of industry, companies are constantly asking about technology to enable their businesses to reach customers and prospects on mobile devices. But implementing an effective mobile solution is challenging—and the requirement is reminiscent of the push to jump on the Web bandwagon in the early ’90s.”
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6 Best Practices for Enterprise 2.0 Implementations: Tips from Oracle’s Enterprise 2.0 Technology Specialist John Brunswick
“…Here are six best practices for successful Enterprise 2.0 implementation that Brunswick shared with us: 1. Embrace Configuration-Based Development “As with any development activity, you must factor in post-development, like code maintenance and ongoing stakeholder ownership. Fortunately, you can achieve tremendous cost savings by leveraging configurable components provided by enterprise services for content, collaboration, and key application components…”
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