IoT Infographic – Devices, Communication & Uses

Seldom do such high levels of excitement exist for technologies, as they do with the Internet of Things. What was once a pipe dream, is now approaching reality with the falling cost of the physical technologies that can support communications between billions of devices.

It sounds like technologists with contemporary skills and understanding of node.js, REST, Arduinos and Rasberry Pis are good to roll up their sleeves and start creating amazing solutions with IoT then, right?

Zigbee who? Z-Wave what? X10? Enocean? … oh boy this was quickly turning into more than I had bargained for…

As I peeled back the layers of the IoT landscape I found battery power, engineering organizations pushing competing standards and devices that do not natively speak “web”, present a challenge to us diving right in. It is still possible – but there is a learning curve around what exists today and why every device is not suited to natively jump on the web.

In my journey to IoT literacy, I wanted to go beyond engineering specifications documents and create a bird’s eye view of the the devices, communications technologies and rationale for the current state of the technology and opportunities to benefit from it. It may not be 100% accurate and I welcome feedback in the effort to simplify this high potential, yet complex space.


PDF Version

The following references were used to create the infographic

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