What is Middleware – Application Servers

What is Middleware – Application Servers

In this first episode of the “What is Middleware?” series we use plain english to take a look at Application Server capabilities – what are they and how could they benefit an organization?

This series is aimed at bridging the gap between business leaders who require technology to succeed and the technologists that implement solutions for them. The level of benefit that organizations stand to gain from technology has never been greater, but so too have the mountains of acronyms and laundry lists of capability.

Key Takeaways

  • Application servers provide a foundational set of services for business applications
  • Standardization of these services lowers cost and complexity
  • With standards, additional business capabilities can be layered onto the foundation to provide functionality to end users
  • Using this foundation helps organizations to focus on their business goals, not technology

In our next installment of What is Middleware we will review what a Service Oriented Architecture is in plain language and the value that it can provide to an organization.