18 Educational Digital Marketing Resources

We covered a broad range of topics in our digital marketing basics presentation, each supported by sources that provide extensive detail around the specific topic. It is my firm belief that people building digital experiences have an opportunity to deliver far more compelling, capable solutions that are aligned to their marketing goals and objectives – if they are armed with the knowledge of the “why” behind the solution.

To supply additional depth and discovery, the following resource list is segmented into videos, blogs, articles, presentations, studies and reports, and additional materials.

avinashAvinash Kaushik at Think Marketing 2011
Informative and highly entertaining, Avinash Kaushik, Google’s Digital Evangelist talks about creating “Stories with an Impact”, how to drive bigger and better results from your digital marketing efforts.

danThe Importance of A/B Testing: Optimizely Dan Siroker at TNW Conference
Excellent video about A/B and multivariate testing, highlighting the benefits, approaches and lessons learned from The Next Web conference. Dan shares some specific examples around the Obama’s campaigns online effort and how testing enabled them to gain significantly increased conversion rates.

davidProfessor David Bell on Digital Marketing: Wharton Lifelong Learning Tour
A marketer’s look at managing a brand through digital marketing. A nice departure from technically focus digital marketing materials that has a more brand and traditional marketer driven focus.

mattGoogle Webmasters YouTube Channel
This is required viewing for anyone creating content on the web. Google does an outstanding job of providing a high level of transparency, answering a broad range of common questions about the hows and whys of their search capability in relation to people’s SEO efforts and general questions.

From Mad Men to Math Men
A colorful look into advertising optimization within digital marketing from the perspective of ad marketplaces and how they can support higher quality advertisements, targeted toward users. This goes a long way to explain what occurs behind “retargeting” efforts with advertisement online.

Understand 2012 Online Marketing Trends to make your 2013 Digital Marketing more Effective
Helpful overview of various trends that you should be aware of to support clients and engage in more meaningful dialogue around emerging approaches in digital marketing and various channels.

The Short Answers To Every Matt Cutts Video
A nice utility site that provides a catalog of Matt Cutts videos from Google’s Webmaster Help channel. Matt delivers the most candid, helpful feedback of any resource regarding the inner workings of Google’s search technologies, to help people get found through their inbound marketing efforts.

Hubspot Blog
The Hubspot brand is synonymous with Inbound Marketing. Not only does Hubspot supply a platform to manage the full life cycle of inbound marketing activities, but their blog and team share detailed subject matter expertise to guide people looking for best practices. Be prepared to spend some serious time on this site, as it is packed full of high quality information.

Avinash Kaushik’s Blog – Occam’s Razor
Avinash appears twice in our list, due to the range and high quality of his content. He is the Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google and provides a no-nonsense look into making meaningful sense of analytics, tied back to marketing efforts. His article, Excellent Measurement Model, clears the clutter around what measurements matter in relation to conversion efforts.

Details of A/B Testing Efforts for the Obama Campaign
When it comes to enhancing the effectiveness of digital marketing activities on your sites, A/B testing offers a powerful approach to lift conversion rates.

Harvard Business Review Reprint – “The Uses (and Abuses) of Influence”
Though not explicitly related to digital marketing, The Uses (and Abuses) of Influence, supplies excellent insight into what personalization and context can mean to a digital marketer’s efforts.

What Social Signals do Google and Bing Really Count
An older article, but still very relevant. It examines how Google and Bing deal with social activities and how they factor into search.

Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real-Time Content Marketing
If you are writing content that will appear within any digital channel, this book is a must. It covers all aspects of digital content marketing and strategies for making the most of your efforts.

With Collective Presentations on Slideshare
A digital marketing agency in Australia, With Collective features a series of informative presentations on the state of various digital marketing practices and trends that are present throughout various channels.

Glossary of Digital Marketing Terms
What would a resource list be without the ubiquitous glossary of terms? A good place to visit when an acronym leaves you scratching your head.

Studies and Reports
Zogby Digital Advertising Alliance Survery
The Digital Advertising Alliance commissioned Zogby Analytics to create a survey around people’s preferences for receiving more personalized experiences across the web regarding content and advertisements.

Demographics and Characteristics of Various Social Networks
Not all social networks are created equally and within each, various demographics with various tendencies participate. The following PEW study outlines some aspects of the most popular social networks, to help us understand which may be relevant to our digital marketing efforts.

Additional Material
Marketing Mix
This serves as a foundational tool for marketers to develop strategies for taking a product or service to market. For someone to appreciate the various aspects of digital marketing, this helps to provide a background that we can map our efforts to within the core of marketing.

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