10 Digital Marketing Essentials for Technologists

10 Digital Marketing Essentials for Technologists

A formidable chasm often exists between between digital marketing strategies and technologists implementing those strategies. This gap exists around a shared understanding of goals, capabilities, language and measures necessary for a cohesive, effective digital strategy.

This session attempts to take a first pass at creating a shared understanding to enable organizations to tackle their digital initiatives more effectively, driving better business results. Think of this as digital marketing bootcamp 101.

If you are a technologist, explanations of marketing goals (the “whys”) and the measures, help us to better align our technical implementation strategies to support the business. If you are a marketer, we hope to share insight into a range of capabilities technologists can employ to empower the goals of your brand.

For those who have crossed or begun to bridge the chasm, you have a unique opportunity to create substantial value inaccessible to others.

The video and presentation above, cover the following sections

  1. Why addressing the gap between digital marketers and technologists is important
  2. History of traditional marketing and its evolution
  3. Web publishing history
  4. Conversions and their critical importance in digital marketing
  5. Measurement around digital marketing initiatives and which metrics are most important
  6. Search Engine Optimization basics
  7. Segmentation and experimentation to drive better conversion rates
  8. Loyalty strategy and measures
  9. Social, various channels and their impact on inbound marketing
  10. Marketing automation and lead qualification

Special thanks to Ace Bhattacharjya, founder of medicalrecords.com and interactive advertising executive based in Boston, for spending time critiquing the presentation.