What CMS is a Web Site Running?

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What CMS is a Web Site Running?

Ever wonder what web content management technology is powering a web site?  This tool is not exhaustive, but can explore a site to identify the content system, analytical tools and social plugins that the site may be running.  It is a beta tool and we welcome feedback.

Enter a domain below and check it out.  Looking forward to comments!


* Please note – this experiment does not represent the views of my employer and has been setup for academic purposes.  If you try this and do not get any results or it provides incorrect results drop us a line and indicate what site you tried it on and the response that you expected.


  1. ultan 7 years ago

    Supercool tool, very useful. One comment I have is I tried running it on http://www.sacredspace.ie – results say not recognized. I believe Drupal?

  2. ultan 7 years ago

    Ack, left out a /. from the http:// It is drupal!

  3. Author
    John Brunswick 7 years ago

     @ultan Thanks Ultan.  At some point I will get around to writing a hook to send me any URLs for misses so I can keep updating the underlying dictionary.  Appreciate the feedback 🙂

  4. yongjaechong 6 years ago

    Awesome John. I will share this on my site.

    • Author
      John Brunswick 6 years ago

      @yongjaechong Thanks for the kind words!

  5. RobertRostomyan 6 years ago

    Very nice tool. if you need to find out what technologies is a site running visit http://builtbased.com/

  6. AramMargaryan 6 years ago

    Very nice tool. if you need to find out what technologies is a site running visit http://builtbased.com/

  7. George Echim 5 years ago

    Awesome, I did try it several times and worked perfectly, but today I wanted to try it on a friends website and it does not show up the input field 🙁

  8. Author
    John Brunswick 5 years ago

    George Echim Hey George – please try again – all should work now.  Performed some major site updates last week.  Also, have some new CMS definitions that I will add this week to the detection script here.

  9. George Echim 5 years ago

    Nice, works perfect 😀

  10. MilenStoichev 5 years ago

    whatcms.bl.ee is q&a website about what cms is this site running?

  11. IdctCtid 4 years ago

    Why is it not possible to enter site URL’s anymore..?

    Is shown but no input field …

  12. kochifish87 3 years ago

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