25 Excellent Oracle WebCenter Resources

This list is by no means exhaustive, but for people diving into WebCenter for the first time or existing WebCenter users it is helpful to get acquainted with an established blogging community, various online video series, downloadable VirtualBox appliances, discussion forums, code samples, product tutorials and latest documentation to connect with experts and pick up useful pointers. This post outlines where to find some of the most helpful resources to accelerate your learning and development.

WebCenter Blogging Community
The WebCenter blogging community consists of Oracle product managers, partners and technology enthusiasts.

Peter Moskovits
Peter is a WebCenter product manager at Oracle. Peter’s blog provides frequent insights and detailed technical information about WebCenter. It is definitely a site to follow to understand the latest developments with the WebCenter platform.

Manish Devgan
Manish provides a series of detailed posts illustrating various WebCenter functions and development techniques. Manish is a product manager for Oracle WebCenter Suite of products, leading the efforts on building Portals and Collaborative & Social sites.

The RedStack Blog highlights a wide range of detailed articles on Oracle’s Fusion Middleware technology. Written by a series of Oracle and partner authors it is a comprehensive resource around Fusion Middleware, in which WebCenter resides.

Andrejus Baranovskis’s Blog
Andrejus provides an excellent series of tutorials on JDeveloper, ADF, SOA, WebCenter & UCM that are well illustrated with many screen shots that provide step-by-step guidance.

Frank Nimphius’ Blog Buster
Frank uses his blog to provide code samples for usecases and frequently asked questions around JDeveloper, Oracle ADF, ADF Faces and JEE Security.

Lucas Jellema from AMIS periodically posts in-depth articles around WebCenter development, showcasing various features and development techniques.

Fishbowl Solutions Blog
Fishbowl Solutions provides deep technical expertise around Universal Content Management (UCM) and have now expanded their expertise into the real of WebCenter.

Kyle’s Blog on Universal Content Management
Kyle Hatlestad works in Oracle’s Enterprise Solutions Group focusing on Content Management and Enterprise 2.0 products. Kyle provides a series of great tips and tricks with content management and WebCenter, always getting down to the important low-level details.

Shay Shmeltzer’s Weblog
Tips and information about Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF. Provides an excellent set of video tutorials for common ADF development scenarios.

Bex Huff
Bex is a software architect, specializing in Oracle Enterprise Content Management. Oracle ECM provides a key part of WebCenter’s breadth of functionality, so Bex’s tips are helpful to anyone working with WebCenter.

John Sim
John writes a ton of excellent articles around WebCenter and UCM, offering design and development tips and tricks that any WebCenter customer will definitely want to review.

WebCenter Videos

Blogs are an excellent way to convey thoughts on various WebCenter materials, but sometimes it is essential to see and hear from WebCenter users, product management and partners.  Check out the videos below for various videos that provide good background on Oracle WebCenter.

WebCenter Demo
Sachin Agarwal from WebCenter product management provides two good overviews of the latest WebCenter release from both a Framework and Space standpoint

Part 1 – Framework

Part 2 – Spaces

Alcatel Lucent and Keste
Learn what Howard Moore and Sri Ayyepen from Keste has been doing with Alcatel Lucent for which they received Oracle’s Titan Award for an impressive portal consolidation project – merging content, process and data from existing and new enterprise systems

Accenture’s Next Generation Workspace Solution
An overview of how Accenture is linking people, processes and work structures with WebCenter

Virtual Machines

To start to work with WebCenter quickly Oracle has created 2 virtual machines that are fully loaded with WebCenter, running in VirtualBox. Grab a copy of VirtualBox (directions included in links below) and download a copy of one of the following VMs to get hands on with WebCenter.

Oracle WebCenter Discussion Forums

The User Interaction and Content Management discussion area holds a host of threads related to the various portions of the WebCenter technology stack. Product management and other experts watch the threads to answers questions from the public to help provide guidance.

WebCenter Code Samples

REST APIs, Mashups and more are located within the samples area on the following Oracle Technology Network page

Product Documentation and Tutorials

The following are a series of must-have product documentation links to directly access documents for WebCenter (PS3) and the related documents for Oracle’s ECM technology, of which UCM resides within.

WebCenter Social Media Links

Keep up to date on the latest happenings within the WebCenter community through the WebCenter Twitter account @

Stop over at Oracle’s Enterprise 2.0 Blog to read up on the latest customer successes and product announcements

  • joeswislocki
    January 18, 2013

    Hi John, 
    What is your methodology for testing your ADF applications in multiple browsers? 
    Is it possible to use a tool like browserstack.com? 

    • John Brunswick
      January 25, 2013

      @joeswislocki Hey Joe,
      I have not tried browserstack.com, but there is no reason it should not work.  The only thing to potentially be aware of are any redirects that ADF might make on load – depending on your app.
      Hope that helps.  Would be curious to hear how it works out!

  • listensonia
    June 13, 2013

    Hi John,
    In your opinion ,on working, web center site is having a good career growth .

  • rkkhatri
    April 6, 2015

    Hi John, 

    I have downloaded Pre-built VM For web center but I am unable to start jdeveloper .I am getting an unable to load DeleteMethodloadAccessorImpl. I tried changing jdev home to use jrockit but still getting the same error.

    I am not not able to copy error details message because VM is not allowing to copy the error details.

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