WebCenter .NET WSRP Producer – New and Better than Ever

In any enterprise beyond a trivial size, hetrogenious development will occur. Developer choice, in addition to platforms inherited based on business selected off the shelf software, mandates that organizations manage a range of development technologies. This is perhaps most relevant with the Java and .NET development stacks.

Oracle embraces the need to aggregate disperate technologies “at the glass” or UI layer of development and has released an imporoved version of the .NET Accelerator from BEA under the “WSRP Producer for .NET” name.

Oracle’s product management team have created the following comprehensive screencasts that cover architecture, as well as development details. The WSRP Producer is so flexible that it can even consume and repurpose .NET Webparts for consumption via WSRP, as well as allow the WSRP preference model to be leveraged within a .NET application that uses the WSRP Producer.

The new version makes it even easier to recreate the integration that I showcased in a prior blog post on the Fusion ECM Blog.

Check out each of the screencasts below for complete details and happy .NETing!

Oracle WebCenter WSRP Producer for .NET – SharePoint Document Library

Oracle WebCenter WSRP Producer for .NET – SharePoint Wiki Library

Oracle WebCenter WSRP Producer for .NET – Developer Overview

Sample Code
The samples cover topics ranging from security (X509 and SAML), all the way to including Silverlight within a WSRP .NET portlet.
WSRP Producer for .NET Sample Code

Producet Page on Oracle.com
“Oracle WebCenter WSRP Producer (formerly Application Accelerator for .NET) provides a means for developers and administrators to service-enable new and existing ASP.NET 2.0 applications through the Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) standard. It also provides an API toolkit that is integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio template extensions to simplify portlet development for .NET developers. It also unlocks the SharePoint Web Parts to standards based portals by exposing these Web Parts directly as WSRP components. Now enterprises can take advantage of departmental resources directly.”
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Developer Guide

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