Facebook Development Workshop

This Boston Computing Review session covered the basics of software development within the Facebook platform.

The group covered Facebook application architecture, use of Facebook Markup Language (FBML), Facebook Query Language (FQL) and Facebook APIs. During the session the team reviewed a sample application in detail that used FBML and the API to merge Facebook data with a standard PHP / MySQL application to provide user profile information, a comment system and filter database results only created by the friends of a user. The full source code (PHP code and SQL to create the database) of the application is posted below so that people can get started with their own application development.

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Download Sample Application

Do not forget to download the PHP client libraries that will let you use the API. To download the libraries go to http://developers.facebook.com/get_started.php and click on PHP Client Libraries. Please note that these will need to reside in a directory alongside the sample application code.





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